Town of Paris Budget Minutes 2/14

Town Budget Minutes 2/14

Old Business

-Call to Order-Rick,
-motion to accept and second on last weeks minutes, vote approved

-Conversation on the $500,000 “yearly road construction fund” with Mike, board conversation

-Richard asked the position of the select board on this specific fund., it was discussed but no decision made.

-Rusty said no decision had been made.

-there currently exists a $200,000 carry-over due to savings from last year, remaining actually in that line -item which should roll over into the next year.

– Vic reasserted his position of keeping a level budget from last year, his budget is $126,000 more from last year, he would like to take this additional money needed for this years budget from the carry over from the line-item above.
– road conversation is on-going, top coat on roads from last year, no number on that yet. Nichol street and Paris Hill have next immediate needs.
– Road plan, we are not where we should be. Cottage street was moved up due to immediate need.
– Rick asked Vic where we are regarding the 10-11 year road plan. He will give us that need week.
– All monies not spent will be carried forward.
– Rick asked for 1 sheet with all carry over monies.
– Audit is almost done, potential for an additional $580,000 that wasn’t spent.
– we will need $217,000 to keep the mill rate flat (estimate)
– Capital purchase needs, bucket loader. we are spending $25,000 on a 25 year old machine, a concern.

New Business

– Mike Dingman, library. Increase of 2.4% $179,000 to $183,000.
– Concern in the future….roof and carpet and paint on exterior trim, currently not in budget for capitol improvements. No roll over account.
– No emergency account for this library, unfunded liability is an issue.
– Vic mentioned that library budget is not part of operational budget, it acts more of a donation to help with their funding (501C)
– Mike gave kudos to staff and program offered by library.
– Mike on the board asked for clarification on data on the back of the budget sheet.

– Data does show declining circulation, increase in use of their wi-fi
– “How far does the decline go before you make cuts?”, was a question from Mike on the board.
– Supper fund raiser on the 3rd, at First Congregational.
– Maine Dept. of labor, now does work on-line, increase in computer use. There has been no support for the public libraries concerning this influx.

Jennifer Lewis- Hamlin Library
-$4,500 total budget of $37,000, rest of the monies is fundraising.
– Mike asked for services, such as public library.

Skip Mowatt Chief of Police- Police Department
– new hire is working well, $2.50 savings per hour on new hire.
– overtime and reserve monies are working well.
– line by line item examination
– change diesel to gasoline, concern over gas price increase. C.N.Brown discount 5%
– Grant money left $25,000 left (estimate) grant was $73,000, was a 1 shot deal.
– $18,000 to out-fit a new employee, without $1000 vest
– split bust money with MDEA
– shoot twice a year, hollow point is duty-ammunition.
– vests are expensive, they expire every 5 years.
– all new radios, $1000 for calibration
– no new contract in 2 years….a concern
– 43%of his budget right now
– $16.65 an hour for reserve officers.
– tires, 3 places compare prices
– over budget or close on vehicle maint.
– over budget by $10,000, could be cancelled by SRO Reimbursement.
– appreciation for notes under line items.
– Skip thinks he might be right at budget right now 60% of budget
– Skip plugged his department and wants all concerns addressed to him.

Richard Merz asked for changes to revise the budget committees policy, no change actually, but a moving of an article from one area to another. Change was voted in.

Submitted By Mike Lance

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