Town of Paris Budget Meeting 3/1/18

Town of Paris Budget Meeting 3/1/18

Old Business- Approval of 2/28 minutes
Meeting called to order@ 5:31 by Richard Little, Chair
Motion by: Michael Brogan
Second by: Richard Penley
Vote: Unanimous
13 in attendance

New Business: Highway: code 30 yellow tab
• Concern over FICA, correction is $23,612.64 in 2019
• 2 new employees, people retired
• Jamie is currently under budget $64,000 (whole operating budget)
• Overtime in 2019 might be a data input error, should be $26,260, savings of $5000
• 2019 FICA should be $23,215
• Concern about the summer help line item ($10,000), can that be reduced? It was decided to keep the line item.
• Water item might change
• Catch basin, Vic claims that if we get a sweeper that item will go away.
• 7 man crew, 4 not taking the health insurance.
• Young guys taking MEPERS, instead.
• Excavator is rented, $4000 a month
• Drug testing up $550…new employees.
• Signs up, a few need changing
• Training up $1000, new employees, safety.
• Total $663,173, could be a $58,000 drop from above modifications.

Capital Money
• A lot of storm water still going to Penny, if we can move up timeline with storm drain issue and tie in lines, this would benefit Paris. (Alpine Street tie in) Storm Drain and side walk estimated at $240,000 our share of the split with Norway.
• Richard was concerned that the sidewalk expense is coming out of the road fund
• Alpine Street is the big road project; a few roads will be prepped for the following year.
• Richard asked if there was an alternative funding source for our roads.
• Vic alluded to something in the works but could not disclose details until more info is received (2 weeks)
• There is also some ditching planned this summer (Ellingwood), could get graveled and stay that way through the summer.
• We have a $209,000 carry-over dedicated to roads.
• Richard is concerned that the PUD reimburses us for road damage that is not ground water. (Lincoln St. and Tremont)
• Total cost of plow truck is $140,000, every 4 years gets us a truck, oldest is a 2000
• A plow truck is on a 10 year plan.
• Rick is concerned with the age of the fleet, should we set aside more??
• A 1959 screen is being used in the gravel pit
• A new one would be $65,000

• $5600 savings in unemployment
• Street light line might change- lighting change, upcoming.
• IT contract up $4000
• Attorney fees up $10,000
• Total 2019 $513,789

No Questions
No meeting next Wednesday
Next meeting 3/14
Motion to Adjourn: Rick Little
Second by Michael Brogan
Vote- unanimous
Submitted by Michael Lance 3/1/18

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