Town of Paris 3/28 Budget Meeting

Call to order by Rick Little @ 5:30, 5 budget members in attendance

Consideration of Minutes:

Motion by Dick to accept

Seconded By Richard Merz

Motion passed.

Unfinished Business- none

New Business:

Capital Code 90 yellow tab

-Vic talked about carryovers, announced when appropriate

–   Parks and Rec. $7000+

  • Police Dept. up to $3000, but has a carry over of $3100
  • Fire dept. increase of $2000 for a roof
  • Highway carry over of $28,000 (accrued fund)
  • 90-06, 90-08 nothing there, no activity 90-06 $15,000 sealing Parking lot for fire dept.
  • 90-08, Cornwall Preserve, $18,000, was supposed to be rolled through.
  • Road Construction Carry- $209,000
  • 80-10- increase of 4500 for copier
  • 80-10 software $9000 for software updates (Trio)carry over of $2000
  • Vic discussed his plan to replace plow- trucks from a 4 year cycle to a 3 year cycle.
  • Rick voiced concern about lack of capitol funds for some such as the Library. Place money into accounts for capitol improvements (library)
  • Highway equipment, carry of $10,000, plus $10, 000 this year, $40,000 increase for equipment.
  • Vic discussed equipment for the roads, we should get our capital needs where they need to be.
  • $53, 000 for new Fire Dept. vehicle
  • 2 fire department lines were combined, carry over- 95 line is called “grant match”$8,000 and $3773 on other line.
  • catch basins paid out of the 90-96 account, we would like to get them done by April.
  • Expense total 2019: $7,278, 57, + $146,230

Revenue: Green tab

  • Vic explained the thought process, tax commitment and projected revenues. Try to be conservative.
  • agent fees for renewal of vehicles up $1400
  • Revenue sharing could increase.
  • Vic explained “state aid roads”, reimbursement
  • Homestead reimbursement up $92,000, should move from 50% to 60+%
  • Fairview cemetery takeover $100,000 in the fund for upkeep. Vic wants to take $1,500 from that account this year for upkeep.
  • 2019 $1,739,489, +$137,295
  • Dick asked about property tax revenue
  • Vic explained tax commitment and mill rate.
  • $6,200,000 million has come through the town office so far.
  • next meeting on the 4th
  • next week will will add calculating mill rate into conversation.
  • The board will begin discussing the $217,000

Motion to Close: Dick @6:35

Seconded by: Richard

All in Favor

Submitted by Michael Lance


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