Recycling Ordinance

December 17, 1991

Section 1. Title and Purpose.

This ordinance shall be known as the Recycling Ordinance for the Town
of (Norway or Paris). This ordinance has several purposes: to preserve
and protect environmental resources, to protect the health, safety,
and welfare of the public, to enhance the quality and character of
life in the Town, and to improve efforts to recover and reuse valuable
resources currently being wasted.

Section 2. Scope.

This ordinance applies to all domestic, coinercial, and industrial
producers, haulers, and other persons who deposit solid waste within
the Town of (Norway or Paris) or at the Norway/Paris Solid Waste. Inc.
Transfer Station.

Section 3. Authority.

This ordinance is adopted pursuant to the Hose Rule powers granted in
the Maine Constitution, 30-A M.R.S.A. section 3001 et seq., and 38
M.It.S.A- section 1301 t seq.

Section 4. Definitions.

The definitions set forth in 38 M.R.S.A. section 1303 apply to this
ordinance and are incorporated herein. Any word not otherwise defined
shall have its ordinary meaning.

Section 5. Recycling Requirement.

All solid waste shall have the following commodities (“recyclable
materials”) separated out in readily-manageable form when delivered to
the Town solid waste disposal facility or Town recycling facility:

1.    Newspapers 2.    Glass – separated by color 3.    plastic – separated by
type 4.    Aluminum – including cans 5.    corrugated cardboard 6.    Office
paper 7.    Computer paper 8.    Metal (non-aluminum) cans

adopted 3/7/92 Town Meeting Ceneral refuse or nat. with recyclable
.at.rials removed shall be delivered to the transfer station in clear
plastic bags or in open containers o as to permit the easy inspection
of said refuse.

Section 6. Recyclinq Facility.

The to,.’n shall provide  facility for the collection and storag. of
recyclable materials, located at a place or places to be designated by
the Board of Director, of Norway/Paris Solid Waste, Inc.

Section 7. Administration and Enforcement.

The Board of Director, of the Norway/Paris Solid last.. Inc. or their
duly appointed agents shall adaini.ter and enforce this ordinance.
Proptly after the enactment of this Ordinanc, by the Towns of Norway
and Paris, the Board of Directors of Monday/Paris Solid Waste, Inc.
shall adopt written r.gulations goflrninq operation of the r.cyclinq
facility. including hours, tn., inspection of nterials. and other pert.ining to the operation of the facility.

The To”u of (Norway or Paris) participates in th. recycling program of
the Oxford Co.,nty R.gional Solid taste Corporation. The Oxford County
Regional Solid Waste Corporation is responsible for the disposal of
recyclable materiAls collected by )Ion.ay/P.ris Solid Waste, Inc.

In th. event that the of (Norway or P.ris~ withdrafl roe
participation in the Oxford Cooaty Regional Solid Waste Corporation or
itt the vent that th, corporation is not accepting a certain recycled
material, the Board of Directors of the Norway/Paris Solid Vast.. Inc.
further have the authority to negotiate and contract with any person.
corporation. agency, partnership. or other entity for the disposal of
recyclable materials. The Board of Directors of the Uorway/PariS Solid
Waste, Inc. may appoint one or r. persons to a.sist the, in
det.r..ininq ho.. to best dispo.t of recyclable materials.

Section 2. Violations and Penalties.

Violations of this ordinance shall be enforced in accordance i~ith the
provisions of 30-k n.R.5.A. section 4452 as land use violations. The
penalties ~ forth in 30-k n.a.s.A. section 44S2 shall apply to
violations of this ordinance.

In addition to the foreqoinq penalty provision,, any person. irs,
partnership, corporation, or other entity who fails to sep.rate the
recyclable materials listed in Section S above f roe their solid waste
may be denied entry to the Towns solid waste disposal facility.

Section 9. Jtaendsnts.

This ordinance may be a..nded a. provided in 30-k 14.R.S.k. section
3004 (4).

Section 10. Separability and Effective Date.

If any provision of this ordinance is found by a court of competent
jurisdiction to be unenforceable. the remaining provisions shall
continue is, full force and effect. This ordinance shall become
effective, if dopted by a majority of the voters at any regular or
special town meeting. on June 1, 1992 or as soon thereafter as
Norway/Paris solid Waste. Inc. by its Board of Directors issues its
Rules and Regulations pursuant to this ordinance.

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