Address Ordinance

Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of this ordinance is to permit the easy identification of buildings for location, emergency services, and postal purposes.  Each residence and business location shall have a road name and a number indicating it’s position on that highway, street, road lane or private way on which it is located.

Section 2. Authority

This ordinance is adopted pursuant to and consistent with Home Rule Powers as provided for 8in Article V111 of the Constitution of the State of Maine and Title 30-A M.R.S.A. Section 3001, (Home Rule).

Section 3. Administration

The map entitled “Building Numbering Map of the Town of Paris, Maine” dated January 1, 1992 is hereby adopted as the official map by which building numbers and road names are designated.  The map shall be held in the custody of the Deputy Town Clerk.  Assignment of numbers to buildings shall be the responsibility of the Town Manager or his/her designee.  The Board of Selectmen are authorized to and shall assign road names to new roads or the renaming of existing roads.  See section 7 of the Sub-Division Ordinance.

Section 4. Numbering System

In general one whole number shall be assigned for every fifty (50) feet of street/road frontage, whether the property is improved or vacant on every street/road within the Town, excluding Market Square, where the ancient numbering sequence will be preserved.  In general, numbering shall begin with the end of the street/road closest to Market Square, with even numbers appearing on the left side of the street/road and odd numbers appearing on the right side of the street/road.

Section 5. Property Owners to Post Numbers

Every owner of improved property shall, on or before the effective date of this ordinance display in a conspicuous place on said property the number assigned.  Every person whose duty is to display the assigned number shall remove any different number which may be mistaken for or confused with, the number assigned in conformance with this ordinance.  The number assigned shall be displayed in numeral form.  Numbers indicating the official number of each improved property shall be posted near the principle entrance and in as manner to be eligible to be legible and disguisable from the street/road on which the property is located.  If the principal entrance is not located facing the street/road, the number may be posted on the corner of the building which is closest to a principal entrance on the side or back.

If the building to be numbered is not visible from the street or road the property owner shall erect a sign on the edge of the road by the side of his/her driveway with the property’s assigned number.

Section 6.  Unlawful to Deface Number/Road Name

It shall be unlawful for any person to alter, deface, or take down any number placed on any property in accordance with this ordinance, except for repair or replacement of such number.  Moreover, it shall be unlawful for any person to alter, deface or remove any road sign placed in right-of-ways in accordance with this ordinance.

Section 7.  Road Name System

All roads that serve two or more properties shall be named regardless of whether the ownership is public or private.  “Road” refers to any highway, road, street, avenue, lane, private way or similar paved, gravel or dirt thoroughfare.  “Property” refers to any property on which a more or less permanent structure has been erected or could be placed.  A road name assigned by the Town of Paris shall not constitute or imply acceptance of the road as a public way.

The following criteria shall govern the naming system:

a.       No two roads shall be given the same name (e.g., no Pine Road and Pine Lane)*

b.      No two roads should have similar-sounding names (e.g., Beech, Beach)

c.       Each road shall have the same name throughout it’s entire length.*

*  Historic significance of roads will be maintained when at all possible.

Section 8.  New Streets in Subdivision

New streets in subdivisions shall be named in accordance with the provisions of Article X Section 10.2.1 of the “Planning Board Standards for Reviewing Land Sub-Divisions” of the Town of Paris.

On the Final Plan as described Article VIII, Section 7.3.1 of the “Planning Board Standards for Reviewing Land Sub-Division”, the sub divider shall place a line or dots in the middle of each street as fifty (50) foot intervals, so as to aid the Town in assigning numbers to buildings subsequently constructed.

Section 9.  Separability

If any portion of this ordinance shall be declared invalid, it shall not affect any other portions of the ordinance.

Section 10.  Effective Date

This ordinance shall become effective September 22, 1997 and will be the duty of each property owner to comply with this Ordinance.

Section 11.  Enforcement/Penalty

a.       It shall be the duty of the Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the provisions of this ordinance.

b.      Any violation of the provisions of this ordinance shall be subject to a civil penalty, payable to the Town of Paris, of not less than $25.00 and not more than $250.00, for each violation, together with payment of attorney’s fees as provided by law.

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