Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pay a parking ticket over the phone or on-line?

A: Unfortunately, No. At this time, the only accepted form of payment for parking tickets in the Town of Paris are with check, money order, or cash. They can be mailed or paid in person at the Paris Town Office. All Checks should be made out to the Town of Paris. Traffic Infraction can be paid on line. Go back to our Website and click on the PAYTIXX key.

Q: How do I obtain a Protection Order?

A: Visit your local District Court. District court will provide you with paperwork to bring to the Police Department. If the order is based on assaults, or threats of violence please notify the Police Department. The Number at South Paris District Court is 743-8942.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of a police/accident report?

A: The police department employ’s a records officer. For any police report you can come to the station or call to speak with the records clerk, Monday thru Friday 8am-4:30 pm. There is a fee associated. The Police Department Number is 743-7448.

Q: Where can I get my fingerprints taken?

A: The Paris Police Department will take fingerprints for employment, adoption, or other purposes. There is no cost for Paris residence.

Q: How do I find out if School has been canceled?

A: Please do NOT call the Paris Police Department or the Oxford County Regional Communications Center to find out if school has been canceled. The S.A.D. 17 School District advertises all cancellations on radio and television.

Q: Who do I call when I have a power outage in my neighborhood?

A: When you experience a power outage in your home, please contact Central Maine Power. The Paris Police Department is unable to provide assistance as to when the power will be restored.

Q: How do I obtain my criminal record?

A: Requests for criminal records must be directed to:
State Bureau of Identification
Maine State Police
36 Hospital Street
Augusta, ME 04330

Q: How do I obtain a permit for operating an uninspected motor vehicle?

A: You may obtain a permit to move an uninspected motor vehicle from the police department. A 3 day permit may be issued to move an uninspected motor vehicle TO AN INSPECTION STATION ONLY. When you come to the station, please have your license, registration and insurance card.

Q: How do I file a formal complaint or commendation against or for an officer?

A: You may contact the Chief of Police to file a complaint or commendation. He can be reached via email at or by calling him directly at 743-7448.

Q: How do I apply for a concealed weapons permit?

A: You can click on this link- Carry Concealled Application -the application must be printed out. Once you completed the application you can drop it off at the Police Department.

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