Police Department



35 Market Square
South Paris, ME 04281
Phone: 207-743-7448
Fax: 207-743-0549

Chief of Police
Hartley H. Mowatt Jr

Detective Sergeant
Michael B. Dailey




Administrative Assistant
Shirley Johnson

Patrol Officers

Officer Raymond Paar-


Officer Bill Cook-


Officer Nick Gilbert-


Officer Gino Valeriani-


School Resource Officer

                                       Reserve Patrol Officers

                                         Officer William Grover-


                                        Officer Todd Hussey-


                                        Officer Lawrence Winson-


                                       Officer Harry Sims

                                       Officer Alan Coffin


                                      Animal Control Officer

                                          Robert Larrabee



Detective-Sergeant Promoted to Lieutenant

Paris Police Detective-Sergeant Jeff Lange will assume duties as the department’s Executive Officer ( 2nd-in command), with the rank of Lieutenant, beginning this coming Monday.  Lange was the only sergeant to take the departments Oral Exam last week which was held at Town Hall.  Sgt. Hartley Mowatt decided not to take the exam and will remain patrol supervisor.  Lange is now a non-union administrative member of the department.

Lange is a 12 year veteran of the Columbus Ohio Police Department in which he served as a Lead Investigator with the Special Victims Unit and also as a Detective investigating Organized Crime and Gang Activity.  In 2008 Lange took a job as a Supervising Law Enforcement Professional in Eastern Bagdad Iraq where he gained top US Security clearance as a Team Chief with the Prosecution Task Force.  Over the past two years Lange worked in Afghanistan as a Mobile Training Team Instructor and a law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert.

Over the past year Lange revamped the Paris PD’s detective division, evidence storage, training division, and reports/record retention.

“The promotion of Lt. Lange is part of the ongoing restructuring and rebuilding of the Paris Police Department.  The PD has come leaps and bounds over the past year and morale is at an all-time high.  I am very proud of everything we have been able to achieve and promotions are a part of that process.  Lt. Lange is a loyal supervisor and takes a lot of pride in the Town of Paris.  I think he will continue to perform at a superior level with the additional duties and responsibilities he will take on.”  .” –Madden




BRISTOL, R.I., October 10, 2014 – The Justice System Training and Research Institute at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I., in partnership with the New England Association of Chiefs of Police, recently recognized Detective Sergeant Jeffrey E. Lange of the Paris, ME Police Department for the successful completion of the “Command Training Series: Mid-Management Course,” a two-week comprehensive training program for upper-level personnel.

Coursework addressed contemporary concepts of management and leadership relevant to the responsibilities of first line supervisors in a modern police agency. The program, presented by experienced academics and law enforcement practitioners between September 29 and October 10, 2014, discussed topics including operational leadership and management principles, problem-solving, organizational and interpersonal communications, labor relations, disciplinary issues, and ethical decision-making.

Graduates of the session represented police departments from throughout New England and included Detective Sergeant Lange.

Roger Williams University is a leading independent, coeducational liberal arts university at which students live and learn to be global citizens. With 41 academic programs and an array of co-curricular activities on its Bristol, R.I., campus, RWU is committed to its mantra of learning to bridge the world. In the last decade, the University has achieved unprecedented academic and financial successes and continues to be recognized by US. News & World Report as one of the top ten educational institutions in its class.

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Paris Police to Enforce Market Square Parking

 Armed with new mail-in traffic ordinance fines, Paris Police will begin an aggressive parking enforcement campaign starting November 1st in the Market Square area.  Police will be enforcing Overtime Parking, Wrong side of the street parking, too close to hydrants, no parking zones, blocking driveways, parking in crosswalks, handicapped parking, and fire lanes.  We will also begin enforcing snow removal parking restrictions as the winter approaches.

Although the initiative will concentrate heavily on Market Square, it will be a Town-wide enforcement.

“We have received several complaints from area business owners and we are going to address those concerns.”  Our new tickets may be paid through the mail or at Town Hall.  We hope to have an online payment process set up soon.”Chief Michael Madden



New Paris Police Officer a seasoned veteran of life

On August 26th,, Officer Gino Valeriani was sworn in as the new Paris Police School Resource Officer.  Valeriani will work the upcoming school year in the SAD 17 school system under the direction of current SRO Sgt. Skip Mowatt.  Valeriani will need to attend the Maine Criminal Justice Academy for 18 weeks beginning in January.  Sgt. Mowatt will also handle the SRO duties during this period.  Next year Officer Valeriani will be the SRO and Sgt. Mowatt will transition to Patrol Commander.

Valeriani is no stranger to a school atmosphere.  He just recently retired after teaching at Hebron Academy for 35-years.  Valeriani is a licensed pilot, flight instructor, diver, milfoil inspector, fireworks technician, commercial bus and truck driver.  Valeriani is also a ham radio operator, and handler of hazardous materials.

Officer Valieriani is currently a reserve officer in Paris but applied for the position when it was opened up to a nationwide search.  Six applicants applied for the position but only three were eligible to proceed to the Oral examination and the Chief’s interview.  Valeriani came out with the top ranking.  The second candidate is being interviewed for a possible reserve position with the department pending some preliminary screening, MCJA requirements, and a background investigation.  Officer Valieriani already passed a polygraph, psychological exam, and physical exam as part of the reserve hiring process.

“I think Officer Valeriani will be an outstanding addition to our force and I’m happy he excelled in the testing process coming out of the reserve officer ranks.”  It show the high quality of personnel we have working here for the Town of Paris”




We have recently received information concerning spam e-mails threatening to assassinate the recipient unless the individual pays several thousand dollars to the sender of the e-mail.

The subject claims to have been following the victim for some time and was supposedly hired to kill the victim by a friend of the victim. The subject threatens to carry out the assassination if the victim goes to the police and requests the victim to respond quickly and respond by email.

Warning! Providing any personal information can compromise your identify and open you to identity theft.

This is the first time that physical violence has been threatened in an email scam here in Paris. However, FBI records show that these fraud emails have been circulating since 2006. It is important that Maine residents understand that this email is a scam. The purpose is to extort money from innocent people. Do not send your money to the sender. If you receive an email like this, please notify state or local law enforcement .



The Paris Police Department would like to congratulate The Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School Girls & Boys Basketball teams on very successful seasons.  Below is the Girls Team team bus as it makes its way from the school to the Civic Center escorted out by Norway, Oxford, Paris, Police & Fire, and the Oxford County Sheriffs Department.

 ********* NEWS RELEASE*********

DATE:  03/11/14

By Chief Michael P. Madden

 Paris Police Increase Reserve Force

The Paris Police Department swore in three new reserve officers Monday and one more two weeks ago at Town Hall.   These additions increase the Reserve force to seven officers.  Two full time Rumford Officers Lawrence Winson and Brad Gallant will assume part time duties in Paris and Gino Valeriani, a longtime professor at Hebron Academy, were all sworn in Monday.  Todd Hussey, was sworn in two ago.  Hussey is employed full time at the Oxford County Jail.

 The Paris Police Department has begun advertising internally for the fulltime position vacated with last month’s resignation by the officer who was attending the MCJA.  Interviews will be held this week for that position.  If no one is hired from the Reserve ranks then the position will be advertised to the public.  The Police Department is also exploring replacing the School Resource Officer who is currently a Sergeant, so that he may return to the Department and supervise the officers on the road. This idea is being discussed with school officials but no decisions have been made as of now.

 “The restructuring and hiring’s, are necessary to reduce overtime, increase patrol visibility, and minimize the Towns liability by having supervisors more closely monitor patrol activities.” I feel we have made great strides in improving our investigative services, and becoming more active with community groups and local/ regional organizations such as the Sexual Assault Response Team, and the Domestic Violence Task Force.  We also have updated some of the more important department policies.  We now are beginning to focus on improving patrol to better service the Towns needs and address quality of life issues”.

********* NEWS RELEASE*********

Dec 23, 2013


 Paris Officer graduates from Police Academy

Paris Police Officer Nicholas Gilbert graduated this past Friday from the 25th Basic Law Enforcement Training Program at a ceremony held at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro.  Officer Gilbert will start his patrol assignment immediately.  “The Paris Police Department is very proud of Officer Gilbert’s accomplishment and is very excited to have him as a full-time member of the force.  His return to Paris is perfect timing with our increased Holiday Patrols.”

The Paris PD has one more officer scheduled to attend the 18-week B.L.E.P.T. Academy in January