Apr 17

Bid Submission – Lawn Care Specifications

Town of Paris

Lawn Care Specifications

Bid Submission

Town of Paris is seeking proposals for lawn care for several areas.  The bids shall be in a sealed envelope marked “Lawn Care” and mailed to the Town of Paris, Town Manager, 33 Market Square, South Paris, ME 04281. Deadline for receipt of the bids will be Friday, May 3, 2019 at 2:00 pm. You can contact Interim Town Manager, Dawn Waisanen at 743-2501 for more information. The Town of Paris reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.




Willard Park: Located on Tremont Street. Located off of Paris Hill Road

Walter Gray Park: Located on the corner of Barrow Street and River Street

Moore Park: Located on the corner of Park Street and High Street

Paris River Paris:  Located at 1 Paris Hill Road

Dennis Rugg Athletic Complex:  Located off Oxford Street, on Kilgore Road

(Just the grass between the fields and around the road)


Islands: Located at Market Square& Bottom of Paris Hill Road

Lawns: Town Office, Police Department and Paris Public Library


Streaked Mountain Cemetery                                       Bisco West Cemetery

Holt/Thayer Cemetery                                                 Old Bisco East Cemetery

Daniels Cemetery                                                        Elm Hill Cemetery

Whittemore Cemetery                                                  Pioneer Cemetery

Partridge Cemetery                                                      Knoll Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

                     Map on file for viewing of the cemeteries


  • Mowing will need to be completed once a week
  • Weed whacking will need to be done every week
  • Trash and debris and clippings will need to be removed
  • Islands will need to be weed whacked weekly and trash removed
  • Weeding the gardens in the Islands, Town Office and Moore Park as needed
  • Mulch will need to be refreshed at the being of the summer (town will supply)

Other Important Information:

Ball games will take place every evening starting at 5:00pm at the Rugg complex and at Willard Park

Moore Park hosts Concerts every Wednesday morning and evening

Rugg Complex and Moore Park around the Veteran’s Monument has in ground sprinkler systems


All work will be scheduled and coordinated with the Town Manager.


The Contractor shall provide any and all equipment for the mowing and trimming jobs required. The contractor is also responsible for all repairs and expenses associated with the equipment to complete the job requirements.


The Contractor is also required to maintain adequate insurance during the term of this contract. The insurance shall include Contractor’s public liability and property damage insurance, Motor vehicle public liability and property damage insurance, and Workers Compensation insurance, and provide copy to the Town of Paris. The Contractor shall hold the Town of Paris harmless from any and all claims for the personal injury and property damage arising out of the performance of their work.

Feb 28

Nomination Papers Available 3/1/2019


Nomination papers will be available on March 1, 2019 for the following positions:

2 Openings for Selectmen for a 3 year term

1 Opening for RSU/SAD #17 Directors for a 3 year term

1 Opening for PUD Trustees for a 3 year term

The deadline for filing with the clerk is April 12, 2019 at 4:30 pm.

Anyone interested in placing their name on the June

Town Ballot needs to take out nomination papers.