Mar 30

Public Hearing for Recall Ordinance

Paris Board of Selectman will hold a public hearing on Monday April 9th, 2018 at 7:00pm at the Paris Town Office to hear questions and comments on an amendment to the Recall Ordinance.  A copy of the draft Ordinance is available at the Town Office. A regular Selectmen’s meeting will follow the public hearing.

Mar 26

2018 Moore Park Summer Concerts in the Park Schedule

Here is the Moore Park Summer Concerts in the Park Schedule!!! Please share this post to help spread the word and to get our page noticed. Morning shows start at 10:30 am and evening shows start at 6pm, in case of rain shows will be held at the Paris Fire Station.
June 27 ~ The Incredible Mr. G, Lindsey Montana
July 11 ~ Sparks Arc, Hot Damn
July 18 ~ Neveah Dance, Chris Floyd
July 25 ~ Earth Jams, The Mill Town Roadshow
August 1 ~ Rick Charette, LaTCH
August 8 ~ Andrew Silver, Jus Tus Two
August 15 ~ Chewonki, The Cobblestones
Because we have so many talented performers who wish to be featured at Moore Park, we are planning to add another bonus day to our concert series to bring back some favorites and to see some new acts! We will keep you posted, its sure to be a summer of music and fun at Moore Park of South Paris. Please share!

Mar 09

Town of Paris Highway Department Seeks Seasonal Highway Helper/Laborer

Town of Paris Highway Department Seeks Seasonal Highway Helper/Laborer


Candidates must be able to perform/assist with the maintenance of the cemeteries, municipal parks and roadways.  Duties include, but not limited to:

  1. Operating riding mower
  2. Operating push mower
  3. Operating weed trimmer
  4. Performing manual labor as required
  5. Operating pick-up truck
  6. Operating an assortment of hand tools as directed
  7. Applicant must have a valid state driver’s license in good standing.

Job applications are available at the Town Office or on the town’s website.  Resumes should be marked “Seasonal Highway Helper/Laborer” Town of Paris, 33 Market Square, South Paris, Maine 04281 or electronically to Resumes and Cover Letter will be accepted until March 30th, 2018 or until qualified candidates are found.

Paris is an EOE

Paris Dump Truck

Paris Dump Truck


Mar 06

Paris Road Work Announcement

Maine DOT will be repairing the guardrail on the North side of the Paris Hill/Park Street bridge, thereby rendering the lane associated with it out of use for a period of 7 weeks starting March 12th 2018. All traffic coming from Paris Hill for access to Park St will be detoured to Phillips Road. All traffic seeking to use the bridge from Park St for access to Paris Hill will be allowed to continue. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Mar 02

Paris PD to Develop Self Defense Class for Trauma Survivors!

Exciting News! Paris Police Department is working with Safe Voices and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services (SAPARS) to create self-defense class, with a focus on survivors of abuse. Empowerment-based self-defense training is an effective intervention for the prevention of violence, can increase feelings of self-efficacy and confidence, can reduce levels of depression and anxiety, and is protective against traumatic stress symptoms, thereby reducing the harm of violence as well as its prevalence.

Like other interventions developed from empowerment theory, this training challenges the prevailing cultural narrative of weak, passive victims and strong, invulnerable perpetrators and instead helps students to discover and maximize their own strengths.

The embodied empowerment it teaches can also be a powerful healing factor. ESD explicitly does not blame survivors for any violence they experience, instead it teaches individuals multiple options for confronting violence and affirms that defenders do the best they can with the tools they have at any given moment. Stay tuned as we work on developing this resource to empower victims of abuse!

Mar 02

Town of Paris Budget Minutes 2/14

Town Budget Minutes 2/14

Old Business

-Call to Order-Rick,
-motion to accept and second on last weeks minutes, vote approved

-Conversation on the $500,000 “yearly road construction fund” with Mike, board conversation

-Richard asked the position of the select board on this specific fund., it was discussed but no decision made.

-Rusty said no decision had been made.

-there currently exists a $200,000 carry-over due to savings from last year, remaining actually in that line -item which should roll over into the next year.

– Vic reasserted his position of keeping a level budget from last year, his budget is $126,000 more from last year, he would like to take this additional money needed for this years budget from the carry over from the line-item above.
– road conversation is on-going, top coat on roads from last year, no number on that yet. Nichol street and Paris Hill have next immediate needs.
– Road plan, we are not where we should be. Cottage street was moved up due to immediate need.
– Rick asked Vic where we are regarding the 10-11 year road plan. He will give us that need week.
– All monies not spent will be carried forward.
– Rick asked for 1 sheet with all carry over monies.
– Audit is almost done, potential for an additional $580,000 that wasn’t spent.
– we will need $217,000 to keep the mill rate flat (estimate)
– Capital purchase needs, bucket loader. we are spending $25,000 on a 25 year old machine, a concern.

New Business

– Mike Dingman, library. Increase of 2.4% $179,000 to $183,000.
– Concern in the future….roof and carpet and paint on exterior trim, currently not in budget for capitol improvements. No roll over account.
– No emergency account for this library, unfunded liability is an issue.
– Vic mentioned that library budget is not part of operational budget, it acts more of a donation to help with their funding (501C)
– Mike gave kudos to staff and program offered by library.
– Mike on the board asked for clarification on data on the back of the budget sheet.

– Data does show declining circulation, increase in use of their wi-fi
– “How far does the decline go before you make cuts?”, was a question from Mike on the board.
– Supper fund raiser on the 3rd, at First Congregational.
– Maine Dept. of labor, now does work on-line, increase in computer use. There has been no support for the public libraries concerning this influx.

Jennifer Lewis- Hamlin Library
-$4,500 total budget of $37,000, rest of the monies is fundraising.
– Mike asked for services, such as public library.

Skip Mowatt Chief of Police- Police Department
– new hire is working well, $2.50 savings per hour on new hire.
– overtime and reserve monies are working well.
– line by line item examination
– change diesel to gasoline, concern over gas price increase. C.N.Brown discount 5%
– Grant money left $25,000 left (estimate) grant was $73,000, was a 1 shot deal.
– $18,000 to out-fit a new employee, without $1000 vest
– split bust money with MDEA
– shoot twice a year, hollow point is duty-ammunition.
– vests are expensive, they expire every 5 years.
– all new radios, $1000 for calibration
– no new contract in 2 years….a concern
– 43%of his budget right now
– $16.65 an hour for reserve officers.
– tires, 3 places compare prices
– over budget or close on vehicle maint.
– over budget by $10,000, could be cancelled by SRO Reimbursement.
– appreciation for notes under line items.
– Skip thinks he might be right at budget right now 60% of budget
– Skip plugged his department and wants all concerns addressed to him.

Richard Merz asked for changes to revise the budget committees policy, no change actually, but a moving of an article from one area to another. Change was voted in.

Submitted By Mike Lance